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About Us

Thank you for visiting this page, it was not easy for me to write it :)

My LEGO history started around 20 years ago, when I was in school, and my dad bought me and my younger brother, our first LEGO sets. It was a wise decision, as we simply loved it and kept building our dreams, but only until leaving my hometown, after my 18th birthday. Then came the dark ages, when I lost all contact with LEGO, for so many years.

But you simply cannot quit being a LEGO fan, you just wait for the right moment to play again. This happened after my fist son received his first DUPLO set, 2 years ago. I started buying LEGO again, only DUPLO this time, and playing with my son was bringing me great joy. Then, in January 2014, I bought him his first LEGO City polybag, then the madness started! He was thrilled by the new possibilities, the awesome minifigs, so I wanted to let his passion grow, so I started to buy him more and more LEGO. Soon, I had too many sets and robots stashed, and too few occasions to present them as gifts. 

Then I discovered this awesome site, where you can sell your LEGO and also buy more, even the part you lost under grandma's couch, 15 years ago. As I loved having a side business, the idea to have my own store was only natural. By the way, I am a web developer "in real life", so anything that can keep me away from my PC, is quite an achievement :) 

So now, I put online every set that my son has not seen yet, at a cheap price, and hope for the best. Then, if you see an item that has been recently removed from my store, it may have become a gift, for my son or my friends's kids. As a conclusion, this store is not meant to bring profit, but to help free my crowded storage room, so I can buy more LEGO!

As for myself, I am an old Technic fan, so I usually build cars, preferably with motors, and try to participate in Truck Trials. Also, I am a new Bionicle fan, so I tend to buy quite many robots, just so I can build them and make funny/creepy poses.

Remember now, all my prices are negotiable. HAVE FUN shopping!

Last Updated: 2 Oct 2014