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Our store is currently closed. You are welcome to look around but we are not currently accepting orders.

Welcome to Robot Maniac

Special Offer: buy at least 4 Bionicle or Hero Factory sets, get 20% discount!


As shipping costs in Romania are rather high, I am willing to help you out, giving you a much better shipping price, for large orders.

See the current discount levels:
• 15% OFF for any 50 EUR order
• 30% OFF for any 100 EUR order
• 45% OFF for any 150 EUR order
• 60% OFF for any 200 EUR order
• 75% OFF for any 250 EUR order
• FREE shipping for a 300 EUR order

First of all, thank you for dropping by my store. It's new on the market but my intention is to offer the best prices, in order to please you, my trusted customer.

In this regard, feel free to contact me if you think some of my prices are too high, I am open to negotiation, in order to make you the best possible deal. Cheers!

Please read the store terms of use before making any order, thank you.

Every set or part sold here are 100% original LEGO, guaranteed.
The USED condition means they have been played with, some part are almost new and some are not. 
The NEW condition means not taken out of the sealed bag, normally.
I never sell any damaged or yellowed parts, I personally check every part.


If you would like to keep your order open, to add more later on, please let me know and I will not send the invoice until you finalize the order.

I can usually send you the invoice within 24 hours, depending of the time you sent the order, but I may need more if the shipment must go outside of the European Union.

After I receive your payment, I will process the order and build the package. Then, I will send the package in maximum 3 work days, but I will surely try to make this happen faster (usually 1-2 days).


All orders must be paid in advance, using the payment methods listed on the sidebar.

Please do not send any payment before I send you the final invoice, that contains also shipment costs. After you receive the invoice, you are expected to pay within 3 days.


Please ask for the shipment quotation before you order.

I can ship to any country in the world and you can be sure that I will try to find the best price.

I usually send the parcels with insurance and tracking, if you do not want to pay these extra costs, please let me know. I always keep the transport receipt from the post office, so I can mail you a copy on request.

If you have any other questions about the terms, shipping, inventory items or anything at all, please contact me and I will try to answer as soon as I can, usually in the same day.

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